Gear List:


Mics: Flea 47, U87, Schoeps MK4 (Stereo Set) + MK2, Beyerdynamic M130, SM 57/58, AKG D112 etc. 

Preamps: Millenia HV3C, SPL Gainstation, RME Fireface 802

Outboard: Tube Tech HLT2A, Elysia Xpressor, FCS P3S Stereo Compressor, SPL Vitalizer MK2T, Lexicon PCM92, SPL MixDream XP, RND R6 500 with IGS ONE LA, PP BAC 500, RND 551

Converters: RME ADI-2 Pro FS R, RME Fireface 802

Digital: Pro Tools with lots of Plug Ins/Instruments from Waves, Izotope, Native Instruments etc., Melodyne

Electric and acoustic guitars, amps, fender rhodes, effects, percussion etc.