What is this odyssey about?


Odyssey of Jo is a musical adventure leading Jo to places he didn’t even expect to find in the world of sounds.


Jo has been playing instruments since his childhood. Starting with a classical education of playing the trumpet he changed his instrument to bass guitar and guitar as a teenager. He also taught himself to play the piano and drums. Later he received some singing classes.


During that time he recorded countless musical ideas, but not in a professional manner. The interest in making recordings that stand up to comparison and sound unique emerged.


From that day on Jo has been experimenting with compositions, recording techniques and production in his tiny studio somewhere in the heart of Berlin.


The music of Odyssey of Jo can be described as a queer mixture of art rock, pop, singer-songwriter with psychedelic and classical elements. However, this is just a general approach to the peculiarity of these sounds.


Feel free to follow him on the Odyssey of Jo... you never know where you might end up!